Powering the ALEXA LF®

Powering the ALEXA LF®

An alternative power solution to use with V-Lock or 3-Stud batteries

The ARRI ALEXA LF® large format camera needs a minimum of 20V to operate properly. This is beyond the specs of a normal 14.4V battery and does not allow the use of a standard battery plate.

BLUESHAPE has designed an efficient battery plate for the ALEXA LF®. This accessory allows a 14V battery to provide the required voltage through a state of the art power converter that optimizes the load on the battery with an efficiency not inferior to 95%.
Also, providing approx 21V to the camera, MVAL-LF can works as a secondary power source when the camera is powered through an external DC source like a block battery or a POWER STATION.


ALEXA LF® V-Lock battery adapter plate


  • Input: 10.0V – 17.0V
  • Output: 21.0V regulated – 250W max
  • Efficiency: > 95%
  • Size: 141 x 82 x 11mm (5.55″ x 3.23″ x 0.43″)
  • Weight: 0.210Kg (0.46lbs)
  • No auxiliary outputs

The demands of the camera have inspired the our team to develop the ideal V-lock battery for use with theARRI ALEXA LF®: the GRANITE HDplus series.
Based on the data provided by the camera manufacturer (see below), when using MVAL-LF with these batteries, a user can expected the following runtimes:

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